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CrownDoc Procedures and Treatments

With our close relationship with Clinicians Report, Archibald & Associates and Riverside Dental Arts, we are able to provide the full spectrum of prosthodontic procedures. These include:

Single Implant Retained Crown

crown with screw access hole in upper jaw screw access hole in crown in upper jaw filled with composite to match tooth
Before After
smile with old porcelain/metal crown with exposed gum smile with old crown replaced with all ceramic crown
Before After

Combined Tooth/Implant Retained Fixed Prosthesis

reflection of upper arch of natural teeth with amalgam fillings and implant posts reflection of upper arch of natural tooth and porcelain fixed bridge
Before After
front view of natural teeth with amalgam filling and four implant posts front view of upper natural tooth and porcelain fixed bridge
Before After

Implant Retained Full Lower Fixed

top view of full fixed resin based prosthesis under base of fixed prosthesis
Front Back
front view of full lower implant posts in mouth front view of full lower prosthesis on top of implant posts in mouth
Before Middle
smile with full lower fixed prosthesis

Bar/Clip Overdenture

bottom and top view of overdentures with clips close up of lower bar in mouth
Before Before
gold bars attached to dental implants for upper and lower jaw and tongue close up of overdentures in mouth
Before After


older model of full denture on top jaw and partial on bottom with only one clasp new updated top denture with longer teeth and more natural looking gums and two lowered clasps on bottom partial to hide from view
Before After
smile of older denture with worn teeth smile of new denture with longer teeth to look more youthful
Before After
face smiling with old dentures face smiling with new dentures giving a more youthful smile
Before After

Anterior Esthetics

matching tooth color

Customized Lab Support

Using Multiple Systems

Other Services

green rubber dam around tooth before work rubber dam after work still dry
Rubber Dam Before Rubber Dam After
Overcrown full arch overcrown natural smile
Overcrown Overcrown

Snap on Smile

snap on
Snap On Smile
mouth top and bottom with decay teeth with decay at gum line and baby teeth
Before Before
reflection of upper jaw of baby teeth reflection of lower jaw with missing and baby teeth
Upper Reflection Lower Reflection
natural smile with missing and baby teeth natural smile with snap on top and snap on bottom
Before After

Alternative Needs

We offer a variety of options for those with concerns or sensitivities regarding "traditional" dental approaches and materials.

Please ask for further information according to your specific needs.


Should your situation require specialists outside of the field of prosthodontics, we can assist in arranging consults with expert colleagues in the following areas:

  • periodontics
  • endodontics
  • orthodontics
  • pedodontics
  • oral surgery

We have established long-standing results and trust, which will assist us in providing you the high-caliber dentistry you expect and deserve.