FAQ | Christensen Prosthodontics - CrownDoc

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a "prosthodontist"?
    A prosthodontist is a dental specialist who has completed additional specialty training in the replacement/restoration of teeth beyond what is taught in dental school.
  2. Why should I choose a prosthodontist to perform my dental treatment?
    Due to their specialty training, prosthodontists are often more familiar with the unforeseen variables and treatment options for your dental situation.
  3. Are there any other reasons I should seek treatment at your office?
    YES! We pride ourselves in having the most current dental technicians (labs) available ON SITE ready to help with your questions and treatment needs. This gives you your best chance of the best end-result the FIRST time!
  4. What is the best way to replace a missing tooth?
    There a three ways to replace a missing tooth: an implant, a bridge, or a removable partial. What is best for you depends on your time frame, finances, and functional and esthetic expectations.
  5. What is involved in the placement of a dental implant?
    A titanium post (screw) is placed where the natural tooth roots should have been previously. Usually there is a healing period of a few months prior to attaching the final restoration(s). A temporary tooth/teeth can be fitted for the duration of the healing phase.
  6. How long will I be "under the weather" following getting the implants?
    Most people who get implants say it was easier putting the implants in than it was to remove their own teeth! Many have said," If I'd known it would be that easy I'd have done it a long time ago"!
  7. Is there a way to lighten my teeth without re-doing all my teeth?
    YES! Bleaching of teeth is probably one of the most universally accepted treatments in dentistry today! People from ages 10 to 85 have achieved great results in our practice from current bleaching techniques. Ask to find out which is best for you!
  8. If my teeth are discolored beyond what bleaching can solve do I have any other options?
    YES! Either porcelain veneers( partial tooth coverings or "facings" ), or crowns/caps ( complete covering of teeth ) can create the smile you've always desired. Which is best for you depends on the intensity of the color being masked.
  9. Once I've started my veneers or crowns how long until I receive my permanent teeth?
    You will be custom-fitted with visually acceptable plastic temporary teeth that will be worn for 2-3 weeks until your final teeth are ready.
  10. Do you offer financial options?
    YES! Please call 1(801)226-6565 to find out more!