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The History of CrownDoc

Christensen Prosthodontics (CrownDoc) was founded in 1976 by Dr. Gordon Christensen. Having spent the majority of his career in dental education, Dr. Gordon Christensen felt the natural next step would involve more time dedicated to patient care.

front of office with mountains in background in Orem, Utah

At approximately this same time, recognizing the need for an objective research-related voice in the dental field, Dr. Christensen and his wife, Dr. Rella Christensen, founded Clinical Research Associates (CRA now Christensen Report or CR).

After more than 39 years, the two separate entities (CR and Christensen Prosthodontics) remain driven by the same motivation as when they were founded — to assist each other in providing the highest quality dental service possible.

In 1991, Dr. Gordon Christensen's oldest son, Dr. William Christensen, also a prosthodontist, joined the practice. Having been exposed to the field of dentistry since his earliest recollection, Dr. William Christensen had the opportunity to assimilate the nuances of his profession while partnering with his father in Christensen Prosthodontics, LLC.

Together this father and son team aims towards continuing the tradition of quality that has lasted for 39+ years.

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